If you want to see the lives of 46,000 children and young people in care in Australia improve, then you do not want to miss this online national conversation.  

If you are a child welfare professional, have lived experience in care or through adoption, you’re a parent or carer, politician, academic, policy maker, please purchase a virtual seat at this important table

Following on from last year’s success, we are continuing the online environment to bring together speakers and delegates from Australia and abroad and keeping a spotlight shining on permanency and issues affecting young people in care so that they can thrive in their childhoods and into their futures.  

At this year’s National Permanency Conference or #THRIVE2021, we will hear from international and national experts; updates from politicians and government on progress; and provide interactive opportunities for delegates to provide ideas and feedback on changes needed in each state and territory and Australia-wide.  

Every aspect of our National Permanency Conference will focus on the eight recommendations made to government as a result of #THRIVE2020

  1. Unifying national child welfare and permanency  

  1. Accessibility and timeliness of permanency for children in care 

  1. Integrating the voice of children and young people in decisions  

  1. Trauma-informed, therapeutic services for all children in care 

  1. Nationally supporting carers of children 

  1. Preparing for thriving care leavers 

  1. Data and information sharing between services and departments 

  1. Leading child welfare within communities. 

Our #THRIVE2021 program is still being finalised, but if you would like to express interest in speaking opportunities, please email conferences@adoptchange.org.au   

Don’t miss out on our early bird savings by purchasing your ticket today. 

Since 2017, Adopt Change has been keeping permanency for 46,000 children and young people in Australian statutory care on the national agenda, inviting Community Services Ministers and government representatives to provide updates on their plans and progress. 

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