Session 1  

Welcome to Empower Change!  

Welcome session to meet your group facilitators – including your Care Leaver Rep and hear their story. Meet your Empower Group of peers. Hear from a guest speaker and ask any questions about the program or things you’d like to hear addressed over the course of the program.  

Group 1 – Tuesday 30 March 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 1 April 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 27 March 11am 

Session 2  

All about leaving care plans 

What is a leaving care plan? How do I get one? What should I ensure is included? Where can I go for assistance after I leave care for legal support, medical, financial, Victims of Crime compensation? 

Group 1 – Tuesday 20 April 6pm 

Group 2 – Thursday 22 April 8pm 

Group 3 – Saturday 24 April 11am  

Session 3   

Basics of money and benefits 

Centrelink, housing and rent affordability. Managing your money and financial assistance - where to go, what a financial counsellor is and why they’re free, and why you should have a trusted one. Plus why creating a budget is important. 

Group 1 – Tuesday 4 May 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 6 May 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 8 May 11am 

Session 4 


How do I look for a place to live? How do I fill out a tenancy agreement to rent a property? Plus other tips from our expert. 

Group 1 – Tuesday 25 May 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 27 May 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 29 May 11am   

Session 5  


How do I apply for a job? What should I put on my CV? How to I ‘upsell’ myself in an interview? How to present to a prospective employer and the questions to ask. 

Group 1 – Tuesday 8 June 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 10 June 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 12 June 11am  

Session 6 

Identity and Belonging

To understand where we’re going, we need to understand where we’ve been. So much of our identity is wrapped in what we’ve been through, so how do we separate that out? How can we stay connected to our culture and heritage when we don’t live with our family? Plus, exploring the power of culture to heal. 

Group 1 – Tuesday 22 June 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 24 June 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 26 June 11am 

Session 7  

Self-care and healthy habits 

What is self-care and why is it so important? What are some of the things I can do to create a good self-care routine. Plus, understanding my triggers and emotional responses, and how to work through them. 

What are habits? How to tell the difference between a good habit and a bad one. Some of the habits successful people create for themselves, and how to go about creating good habits that are easy to stick to. 


Group 1 – Tuesday 20 July 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 22 July 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 24 July 11am  

Session 8   

Nutritious food on a budget 

What is considered ‘nutritious’? I haven’t cooked much before, so can I create cheap meals? One staple go-to meal that’s quick and easy *Note involves an element of cooking 

Group 1 – Tuesday 3 August 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 5 August 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 7 August 11am  

Session 9 

Healthy Relationships 

How to build and maintain healthy relationships and establish boundaries. How to identify red-flags in a relationship and know when it’s not working. How to be safe in your relationships and who to talk to when you need support 

Group 1 – Tuesday 17 August 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 19 August 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 21 August 11am  

Session 10 

Understanding the impact of trauma 

What is trauma? Understanding how my trauma affects me, and little things I can do to work through it.  

Group 1 – Tuesday 31 August 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 2 September 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 4 September 11am  

Session 11 

Healthy mind and body 

Why a healthy mind and body are important as we embark on our exiting care journey. Simple steps to achieving mental well-being. Quick tips to creating easy and sustainable exercise patterns.  

Group 1 – Tuesday 14 September 6pm  

Group 2 – Thursday 16 September 8pm  

Group 3 – Saturday 18 September 11am  

Session 12 

Wrap up and next steps 

Congratulations, you’ve graduated the Empower Change program! So what’s next? Linking you up with further supports and resources, and introducing you to some more care success stories. 

Group 1 - Tuesday 5 October 6pm 

Group 2 - Thursday 7  October 8pm 

Group 3 – Saturday 9 October 11am