Full Name
Joel de Carteret
Job Title
Filmmaker & Intercountry adoptee
Speaker Bio

Joel is a renowned film maker and world-class storyteller. CEO & Chief Storyteller at Stories In Motion, he makes beautifully crafted stories that touch the heart and fill the soul. Joel is a sought after keynote speaker combines film, music and photography into his unique talks. He shares this remarkable life-changing story. As featured recently on Channel 9's 60 minutes and GMA’s Kapuso Mo - Jessica Soho, his story has reached over 22 million people around the planet. Joel was born in the Philippines but was separated from his family and found in a busy marketplace at age five. Nearly 31 years on, having been adopted and raised by an Australian family, Joel embarked on what seemed like an impossible mission to track down his birth mother. With virtually nothing to go on except knowing the date and location he was found, Joel undertook a journey that shows how sheer grit and determination can overcome even the most insurmountable odds. His skills as a film maker and producer, along with millions of filipino’s, aided him to the reunification of his long lost parents.

Joel de Carteret