NSW Carer Forum terms and conditions

The NSW Carer Forum is an opportunity for carers and sector staff to hear an update from the Department of Communities and Justice on systemic issues raised via Carer Reference Groups and the NSW Carer Survey.

To register please confirm that you have read and understood the following conditions:

  • Please remain on mute for the duration of the presentations. There will be time set aside for questions and responses to the presentations.
  • Questions are to be raised via the chat function to the moderator.
  • The issues discussed may not be suitable for children. We recommend that children are not participants in the forum.
  • Be aware of your background - this includes signage and inappropriate visuals.
  • Please respect the opinions of others.
  • Abusive and/or disrespectful language will not be tolerated.
  • The Forum will be recorded for record keeping purposes. By registering you acknowledge that you are aware and that you agree to this.

My Forever Family NSW reserves the right to remove participants who breach the terms and conditions.