Feonyx Holden
Equality Advocate

After becoming a ward of the state at 6 months old, Feonyx's life changed in ways she had no comprehension of at the time. At the age of four, after a turbulent start to life, Feonyx's foster care placement became permanent ... but that was only the beginning.

Those first four years also saw a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, the remarriage of both of Kirsten's parents of origin and the birth of a half sister. By the time she was twelve, there were 3 more half siblings and Kirsten had had 3 major surgeries.

Foster care wasn’t always a positive situation for Kirsten, and navigating adulthood afterwards came with its fair share of struggle. At 27, there was a big shift in her life and she felt the need to make a change, not only in her life but in as many lives as she could. Her lived experience of foster care, disability, LGBTIQA+, family violence and addiction, has driven her to become a voice for change, which has included activism, being founder and President of a not-for-profit organisation for the LGBTIQA+ community, advocacy and public speaking, among many things.

These days, Kirsten goes by Feonyx and lives in regional Victoria. She works 3 jobs, all in areas that she’s passionate about. Her number one hope is that she can play a part in real and vital change.

Feonyx Holden