Jonah Bobongie
Ambassador & Adoptee

Jonah was born in Cairns in 1997 and was immediately placed into foster care. After 8weeks in foster care, Jonah was placed with his adoptive family in Brisbane where he grew up and has lived since. His birth family are from Papua NewGuinea but Jonah grew up in a Caucasian Australian family, disconnected from his culture.

At 22 years of age, Jonah embarked on journey in the hopes to reunite with his birth family, reconnect with his heritage and unearth his self-identity. He launched a podcast, Led By A Heartstring, to invite the world to follow his journey and delve into the world of adoption. Jonah aims to provide the podcasts a form of infotainment that connects adoptees around Australia and allows them to feel less isolated with their feelings. Led By A Heartstring has featured episodes with Adopt Change CEO, Renee Carter, and Ambassador, PhoebeGarland.

Jonah is also a breakfast show producer at 97.3FM Brisbane and 4KQ 693AM and works with youth at PCYC Queensland.

Jonah is still actively searching for his birth family and continues to add to and share a vast collection of lived experience stories of adoption in Australia through his podcast.

Jonah Bobongie