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Yvette Unknown
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Move Learn Connect
Speaker Bio
My name is Yvette Knights, I hold a degree in Early Childhood Education and Post Graduate qualification in Neuro Developmental Therapy (INPP) and have completed training in trauma informed care and practice.

I have the privilege of working with families who have children with a range of delays in their foundational learning. These delays impact their neurological readiness for learning, behaviour and attention, motor skills, balance and core strength. Some of these families I work with have adopted children who have all experienced trauma.

When our brain experiences trauma, it becomes stuck in fight and flight and the children I see are having challenges functioning out of that state. This causes many areas of the brain to be immature and underdeveloped.

My work matures the underdeveloped areas in the brain, using neuro movements. These movements target specific areas in the brain that are underdeveloped and you see the child mature, develop socially, emotionally, with improvements in their learning and sensory challenges.

During my talk I will be discussing what happens when we build and strengthen the brain in the areas that form attachment and foundational skills – behaviour, attention, motor skills and learning. That the child becomes more relaxed, they are able to start trusting their adults more, to start exploring the world to be curious and more care free.

I will discuss some simple things families and carers can do with their child daily to improve the function of the brain, what the brain needs to feel safe, so that it can stop doing the job of protecting and do the job of growing, playing, learning and ultimately thrive.
Yvette Unknown