• Nominees must be an authorised carer in NSW, or were an authorised carer in NSW prior to obtaining a Guardianship or an adoption order from care in the last 12 months
  • Nominees must currently be caring for a child/ren and/or young people
  • Final nominations selected will be representative of a cross section of foster carers, relative kinship carers, guardians and adoptive parents from care within the community
  • A category must be selected to nominate a carer. Talk to your nominee if you are not sure which category is appropriate:
  • Carers of teens  these are carers who care for one or more teenagers in out-of-home care
  • Longstanding carers  those who have been authorised carers for a long time
  • Carers of siblings – carers who have one or more sibling groups in their care
  • Part-time, short-term or emergency carers – those who commit to being part of a child’s life on a  regular part-time basis, in an emergency or with the aim of restoration to birth families when safe to do so
  • Regional or remote carers – carers located in regional or remote parts of NSW



  • Carers of teens
  • Longstanding carers
  • Carers of siblings
  • Part-time, short-term or emergency carers
  • Regional or remote carers


My Forever Family NSW acknowledges all carers in the broader community for their work, their level of skill and resilience in caring for children and young people. This includes Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal carers, carers of children with disability, or carers from different cultural communities.  It takes a village.