Full Name
Kelly-Anne Stewart
Job Title
Principal Advisor Women Offenders | Department of Communities and Justice
Speaker Bio

Kelly-Anne Stewart began her career in Juvenile Justice in NSW in 2001 where she worked in the direct care and management of juvenile offenders in custody. In 2005 she took a position with the Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (NIACRO) where she developed and implemented an adult peer mentoring project across Northern Ireland as well as provided case management to vulnerable families in relation to anti-social behaviour in social housing estates.

In 2007 Kelly-Anne accepted a position with Housing NSW working on partnership projects to support offenders in social housing tenancies including the housing needs of child sex offenders and related legislative requirements and reform. In 2009 she won the NSW Young Professional of the Year award in recognition for achieving sign-off on operating agreements between multiple government agencies to house and support higher risk offenders with complex needs across NSW.

In 2011 Kelly-Anne commenced at Corrective Services NSW in the Partnerships and Community Engagement unit where her focus was homelessness projects for offenders as well as the tender and procurement of non-government support services for higher risk offenders exiting custody.

In 2014, Kelly-Anne took extended leave and accepted a position with the National Health Service in London, England where she worked as Criminal Justice Specialist on an assertive outreach team across East London supporting sex workers with extremely complex health and support needs and complicated criminal justice issues. She also developed and implemented the Health and Criminal Justice Strategy for East London.

In February 2016 Kelly-Anne returned to Corrective Services NSW and took up her current substantiative of Principal Advisor Women Offenders. Kelly-Anne has acted in a number of other roles during this time too, including Director Statewide Programs and Director Strategy & Policy. She is currently the A/Director of the COVID 19 Command Post for Corrective Services NSW.

Kelly-Anne Stewart