PLAY | Plenary Session 5
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Daniella Park The Hon Simone McGurk BA(Arts) BA(Comms) MLA (WA) Jane Aronson (New York, USA) Zufi Emerson Jason Herbison Stacy Blythe Eric Bailey Kaisey Hayes

PLAY | Plenary Session 5

Join Host Daniella Boutros as we explore the importance of PLAY for children, which is also one of their rights. 
After hearing an address from Minister McGurk from Western Australia, we cross to worldwide renowned child welfare expert Dr Jane Aronson in New York; from a kitchen in Sydney with special guests including Dr Stacy Blythe and Kaisey Hayes zooming in from lockdown in Victoria. 
We also hear from Ambassador, Actor & Adoptee Zufi Emerson as she interviews Executive Producer and adoptive father Jason Herbison on the recent foster and permanent care storyline in Neighbours. We wrap things up with energetic Eric Bailey with his views on play and life experiences.

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Plenary Session
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